Flexo Sheets

Flexo Star, through its long experience, is proud to meet the requirements of the printing world of high-quality flexo sheets according to the highest international standards, which include:

  • Nylon and cellophane bag printing plates of thicknesses (1.7mm – 2.84mm – 2.54mm) which are used on printing machines.
  • Digital printing plates with thickness (1.14mm) in various technologies (Bflex – HD Bflex – Digiflow – Kodak NX) which are used on flexo printing machines with advanced technologies.
  • The montage printing plates with thicknesses (6.35mm – 3.94mm – 5.0mm – 5.5mm) are used on corrugated cardboard printing machines.

Corrugated cardboard and montage

Flexo digital

Nylon bag printing plates

Flexo graphic panel installation